About Critical Mass with Daniel Suarez

Daniel Suarez is a New York Times best-selling author, TED Global speaker, and former systems analyst whose works explore the causes and impacts of rapid technological change. 
His first book, Daemon, explored cyber warfare and social media manipulation, while “Kill Decision” focused on lethal autonomy and robotic weapons that make decisions without human input. Change Agent touches on the potentiality of weaponized facial detection technology and genetic editing and how societies could be affected by concentrating war capabilities in small groups of people rather than relying on society at large for approval. Delta-V, however, is an aspirational, yet realistic tale, of the future of space exploration

Critical Mass, his seventh novel, invites readers to the new frontier via private space exploration, as opposed to government-driven programs. This inspiring story illustrates how humanity can cooperate to explore space. Through a believable creative vision and story, 
Suarez hopes to encourage people to embrace space as a real and necessary part of humanity’s environment and to encourage the daring pioneers to build the bridge to our final frontier. It works. He’s received several notes from readers about how his work has inspired them, including one who went on to pursue astronomical engineering 

Suarez’s authorial platform gained him access to experts in various scientific and technological fields enabling him to more deeply understand their work and bring it into mainstream awareness through a viable story. Suarez encourages other creatives to do as he has done: attend space conferences, bridge gaps between disciplines, and make connections between experts to help cross-fertilize great ideas. He believes that humanity must choose now if it wants an expansive celestial civilization in the limitless vistas beyond. There is a brief window of opportunity to get there successfully.