Transformational Leadership with Shannon Graham

Entrepreneurs and good leaders are not always one of the same. While great leaders aren’t necessarily entrepreneurs, the greatest often are. And, while great entrepreneurs aren’t always great leaders, the best and most successful usually are – or they find people who are. Becoming either, is a transformational journey, and that’s exactly what Michael Bloxton and Shannon Graham discussion Episode 7 of Nebula Space Enterprise, Inc’s Your Place in Space Podcast.

Shannon Graham is a life coach, motivational speaker, and author of two books: Revolution of Self and Expand. Learn more at He and host Michael Bloxton, CEO and Founder of Nebula Space Enterprise, Inc., discuss what leadership and visionary leadership actually is. Here are a few takeaways  about transformational leadership from Graham’s perspective: 

  • Leadership is the ability to lead people from one place to another. Visionary leaders see the world differently than how it is. They have a vision of the world that the majority of people don’t see, and they have good reason to believe that it’s possible. Their job is not only to lead people but to be able to communicate that vision in a way that people believe in it to the point that they want to be a part of it. Any movements that could change the world need visionary leaders.
  • The benefit of having multiple people work on the same project is synergy. Even the most skilled workers can are limited to their own perspective. They can only be as smart as they naturally are. Having various perspectives brings focus and increases the possibility of realization.
  • There are a number of pitfalls that potential leaders can face. Some of them are a lack of self-confidence, inability to communicate, and lack of self-awareness. The last one is the most important because if you are self-aware, you can self-correct in the other areas. Graham also points to accountability as a key factor in successful leaders. Radical responsibility is essential to growth and ultimately, success. 
  • The Science of Success and the Art of Fulfillment are intertwined but can be drastically different as they are subjectively defined by the individual.  If you are not happy with yourself, a sense of true success and fulfillment can be difficult to achieve.
  • When faced with tough decisions, the best question to ask yourself is “What do you want?” When asked, many respond with what they do not want instead. You must dig deeper. Most people have an acceptable answer, the answer they think they deserve, and then the real answer – dig for the real answer.