Your Place in Space: The Space Race for Freedom with Lt. Gen. Steven Kwast, USAF (RET)

Michael Bloxton, CEO & Founder of Nebula Space Enterprise, Inc, interviews Lieutenant General Steven Kwast, USAF (RET). After serving 33 years in the US military, during which he trained hundreds of thousands of troops and received five medals for distinguished service, he continues to be a champion for freedom in space.

Space can benefit humanity both on Earth and in the greater Universe. Many don’t realize how reliant we already are on space and space-based technology. This opportunity is not lost on global powers and governments. Over 75 countries have space programs, with the US, China, and Russia leading.

With the great opportunity in space, comes the potential for great profit, a struggle for power, and a resulting potential for human exploitation. As the west and Americans know it, freedom may not be defined the same way by other countries and governments seeking to dominate space. Freedom in space and on Earth is not guaranteed. This is why Kwast has pushed for creating a United States Space Force.

It has been difficult for people to realize the universal picture and what is at risk if the US does not move quickly. Other countries, such as China, Russia, and India, are investing a lot of money in their space programs. China is not far behind us in investment, and they have written space dominance into their constitution. To compete, the US must not only invest financially, but invest in a unified mission and vision to achieve the same, and fast, or there is much to lose. The country with the high ground is the country with the military and economic advantage.  

Space already plays a prominent role in humanity’s existence, whether it is acknowledged or not. Starlink and Ukraine is just one example. Space governance will shape the future of humanity and it must be designed carefully so all may pursue happiness freely and enjoy the benefits the universe has to offer.