Your Place in Space: Why Space-Based Blockchain, Crypto and DAO is the Way of the Future

Nebula Space Enterprise CEO, Michael Bloxton, and Nebula Blockchain CEO, Nic Payne, discuss the future of blockchain technology, blockchain’s potential role in space, and what it can do for the future of humanity as a whole. 

After spending nearly a decade in organizational development, Nic transitioned to the tech world after a 22-week coding boot camp and a year in the industry. Through that, he learned what blockchain could do to connect people, and how powerful it is. 

Throughout human history in any given era, Nic comments, society has been defined by technology to advance and how they organize themselves. This has been true since the first human societies. 

“Blockchain allows us to organize ourselves, pay our resources, and pursue common goals…” Nic continues. Overall, blockchain will allow humans to connect and self-organize at a species level in ways that have never been possible before.

And let’s be clear, cryptocurrency and blockchain are not the same things. Cryptocurrency is an application of blockchain technology, it is a currency built on the blockchain. This is a true intersection of the upcoming “Web 3.”

Mike clarifies that “Web 1” is where people could “read” on the internet; Web 2 enabled people to “read and write,” on the internet, and Web 3 is an entirely different elevation. Web 3 potentially offers a pivot in ownership and transparency in data communications. It could be particularly relevant in secure voting processes, for example. Blockchain technology is part of what could enable this pivot. 

But why move blockchain tech to space? There are many reasons, but an essential reason is the amount of energy it takes to compute terrestrially.  Computing and data storage requires an enormous amount of resources, including thousands of gallons of potable water and releasing tons of carbon emissions. Space-based computing infrastructure and technology alleviate these stresses. 

As a mechanism to empower humanity in space, and contribute to solving some of humanity’s great challenges, Nic has co-founded DASA, or the Decentralized Autonomous Space Alliance, a DAO committed to providing ownership, access, and answers to its members. This space-based DAO is meant to connect humanity across the world and provide equal access to a free living space domain.

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